Shunt Resistors

Shivalik Precision Shunt Resistors are characterized by low temperature co-efficient, high stability of electrical resistance, low watt loss, and good heat dissipation. Furthermore, since mounting generally involves contact with copper, the copper welded to each side facilitates the mounting without the problems of thermo EF and galvanic action.

Electron Beam Welded SHUNT manufactured by us (using Copper & Resistance Alloy strips) forms an integral part of "Battery Management System" (BMS) or "Intelligent Battery Sensor" (IBS) for vehicles as well as "Electronic Energy Meter.” We have an integrated manufacturing capability from designing stage to bulk supplies.

These resistors are used in the following industries: Electronic & Electrical, Telecommunication and Automotive to name a few. Some of the end-products are:

  • Energy meters
  • AC/DC Convertors
  • Battery Management System (BMS/IBS)
  • Power Modules
  • Solar Charge Controllers / String Monitoring Devices
  • UPS/Inverters
  • Frequency Convertors
  • Low Inductance Applications
  • DC Energy Meters for Telecom
  • Digital Multimeters
  • Electronic Control Units

Our Capabilities
  • Government approved in-house R&D centre
  • We can assist in customer shunt design
  • In-house tool manufacturing and designing
  • Quick prototype development and sampling
  • High capacity of Electron Beam Welding (EBW)
  • High volume precision stamping facility
  • Thermal stress relieving facility
  • Cleaning, degreasing and anti-tarnishing treatment
  • Precision calibration and testing facility